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The Diminutive Farm

Small Sheep on a Small Farm 

What makes these sheep special?

I breed for excellent mothering skills, gentle temperaments and overall hardiness. Crossing breeds helps diversify genetics and improves fertility, longevity, feed efficiency and disease resistance.

friendly sheep


It's very important to me that the sheep are gentle because they have to be safe around our children and their friends. I also want to be able to give them pets, hugs and scratches!

Easy keepers

Easy keepers are animals that use their forage efficiently, so a little goes a longer way. Even though babydolls "get fat on air," I make sure all the sheep have excellent quality hay all year round. A good diet is the simplest and best way to prevent illness.

babydoll sheep
cute lawn mowers

Excellent lawn mowers

We love using the babydolls in the vineyard because they are too short to reach the grapes when they are ripening. The rest of the year, the whole flock does an excellent job of keeping all the grass as pristine as a golf course (except for the poops)!

Great moms

A ewe that doesn't need help delivering, cleaning or feeding her lambs is worth her weight in gold. Though I try to be present for every delivery, sometimes the mommas surprise me with an unexpected due date.

smiling sheep
lovely fleece

Lovely locks

Finnsheep and Valais Blacknose sheep have beautiful, crimpy fiber that is favored by hand spinners. Babydolls have a "downier," shorter fiber that can also be spun, but is especially good for needle felting and rug making.

Fun, funny and cute!

No Netflix needed when you have sheep! They're entertaining and so much fun to have around. Their antics, individual personalities and flock relationships are a joy to observe. They just make life better!

funny sheep


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