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Our Sheep Breeds


Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Before we even owned a farm, I knew I would one day have some of these teddy bear faced sheep. Aside from being adorable and small, they are also docile and sweet. Their diminutive stature makes them perfect for mowing between the grapevines because they cannot reach the fruit!

Valais Blacknose % Sheep

Though Swiss Valais blacknose sheep are not small, they are often referred to as the cutest sheep in the world. I had to have them! They are docile and playful, and boast beautiful long locks that can be used for many fiber arts.


 Finnsheep are small, but known for their prolific lambing abilities. It is common for Finnsheep ewes to have 3 or 4 lambs in one lambing. They are used for their wool, meat, and milk. Finnsheep are not technically considered dairy sheep, but they produce a lot of milk for their many lambs. They are definitely the class clowns of the flock! 


Available lambs are under Sheep for Sale tab as of

May 12, 2023.

Home: Products
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