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Sheep for Sale



Colby is a twin ram out of Lulu and Teddy. He is 75% babydoll and 25% Finnsheep. Last year, Lulu and Teddy's lambs were wildly spotted, and because spots are technically white over black, Colby will likely throw colorful lambs if paired with a spotted ewe. Finnsheep ewes come in many colors and make wonderful mothers, fyi. 

Cheddar (RESERVED) and Colby $400



Seamus is a twin out of my most petite babydoll ewe, Daisy. His dad is Kramer, an F3 VBN ram. His twin sister is Klee who has very good markings from her dad. Seamus took on more of the babydoll look from his mom. He looks very similar to a full babydoll, but he will likely have longer wool. 

Seamus (ram) - RESERVED

This is Klee, Seamus's twin. She will likely be petite as her mom is very short. Klee has great markings, including the knee spots! Her wool is longer and curlier than a full babydoll southdown. She and Seamus love to romp and play and nap together.


  Klee (ewe) RESRERVED

20240323_123203 (4).jpg

Malachy is a twin ram lamb out of Bluta and Kramer. He has the face and smile of a babydoll, but he has longer and curlier wool than his babydoll mom. He and his sister Sally O'Malley were born on St. Patrick's Day! They were strapping newborns weighing in at 12 and 11 pounds, which is too big for a petite babydoll! But Bluta was a rockstar and with some help with big Malachy, she delivered Sally on her own.

Malachy (ram) RESERVED


Patty is a twin ram out of Evie and Kramer. He was half the size of his giant sister, weighing less than 5 pounds at birth! He has a bit of an underbite so latching on to his mom was difficult. He readily took the bottle and is growing well and has the sweetest disposition. He will likely remain smaller because he started out so much smaller and is not gaining as quickly on the bottle as his nursing cohorts. But because he is a bottle baby and out of my friendliest 2 sheep, he will likely follow you around like a puppy.


Patty (bottle baby wether) SOLD


I have made the tough decision to sell Holly (F1 50% VBN) and Kramer (F3 87.5% VBN). I love them both, but I am finding the Valais Blacknose Sheep to be too big for my diminutive farm. They are a joy to raise and they make excellent parents, but I have decided to focus on my original love, spotted and solid color babydoll southdowns. Learn more about them under the Meet Our Flock tab.


Holly (ewe) - $1500

Kramer (ram) - $2500


Henry is the son of Holly and Kramer. He is not for sale. He has an amazing temperament like both his parents, and even more beautiful, curly locks.

Finnsheep babydoll cross Finndoll
Findoll lamb


Dipper is a triplet out of Evie (finnsheep) and Teddy (babydoll). He looks very similar to his half sister Lulu. He is the friendliest of the triplets and loves attention! Dipper is a wonderful wether and would make a great companion to any sheep as he gets along with the whole flock. He also has very nice wool that is crimpy with good length. He was one of my cutest lambs from 2023 (picture on right).

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