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Flock Guardians


Our hearts were broken when Fig passed away in July 2023. He was our very first llama. We got him when our vet suggested a llama could be a good guardian for our sheep. Though Fig wasn't technically a guard llama, the sheep gathered around him when they were startled, and he never left anyone behind. Plus, those teeth! Rest in peace, trusted and loved old friend.


Ramy came to the farm as a very underweight, but incredibly affectionate bundle of love. Llamas can be a bit aloof, but not Ramy. He wanted nothing more than to be with his people and 4 legged buddies. He was only with us for 2 months before he passed away, but he has left a lasting impression on our hearts.

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson joined the farm after we lost Ramy. He is funny and curious and loves to walk directly behind people. Fig and Mr. Wilson spent their first few days spitting back and forth between chomps of hay. Wilson is our only remaining llama, but he is a very good guardian and doesn't hesitate to charge at the unknown (which is sometimes us in the dark!). We have learned to call to him in low light!

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