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Pricing is largely dependent on breed, markings and gender.

  • VBN crosses and spotted babydoll lambs will be $800 - $2700.

  • Finndolls will be $400 - $700.

  • Solid color babydolls will be $400 - $800.

Raising sheep is a full time commitment. I work year long to make sure my sheep are happy and healthy, and I don't like to cut corners when it comes to their welfare. The entire flock gets high quality hay year round, and pregnant and nursing ewes get proper nutrition to minimize the risk of pregnancy toxemia or hypocalcemia. Nursing ewes and their lambs are provided dairy quality alfalfa and high quality pellets so moms stay healthy and lambs grow well. I like to keep lambs with their moms longer to reduce stress for both of them and to minimize the risk of mastitis in the mom from an abrupt weaning. I only deworm as needed to reduce the chance of antiparasitic resistance. The whole flock gets their annual vaccines and lambs leave with at least 2 CDT shots. The sheep are sheared once or twice a year, and have hoof trims as needed. Clean water and loose minerals are always available to them. I observe my flock closely and know when a sheep might be ill and can treat it before it becomes a serious problem. If I can't treat it myself, then I call my trusted vet, Dr. Richard Veeman with                                                         .


By placing a deposit on a lamb and/or purchasing a lamb, you are agreeing to the following terms:


  • $250 nonrefundable deposit to reserve a specific lamb (refund only if we can't provide the desired lamb due to injury or illness).

  • Payment by cash, Venmo or Zelle.

  • Lambs will stay with their mothers for 10 weeks until they are weaned and can be picked up between 10 -12 weeks of age. If reserved lambs are not picked up by 12 weeks of age without prior arrangements, they may be made available to another buyer and the deposit will be forfeited.

  • Buyer is responsible for transportation, but I can assist with arrangements, if necessary.

  • Lambs going out of state require a certificate of veterinary inspection which is an additional $150 to be paid by the buyer.

If you would like to put a deposit on a sheep, please email me and I will let you know if it is still available and how to proceed with a deposit.

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