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Meet Our Flock

Our Babydoll Southdown Sheep


spotted babydoll southdown

Teddy is a spotted purebred babydoll ram, though he is not registered. I really love his fuzzy face, little ears and big head! He is very petite at only 19" at the shoulder. He is so gentle and has never been aggressive or rammy, even during mating season. His temperament, size and sound structure make him the perfect herd sire and I will be using him for the foreseeable future.


spotted babydoll southdown

Sheldon is a registered, spotted babydoll ram. Under all that wool he has really pronounced cow spots! He is docile, though still getting to know and trust us. He is just a smidge taller than Teddy. I was happy when he became available because he comes from  the most well known breeder of spotted babydolls located in CT.


black babydoll southdown

Daisy-Maisy is a sweetheart. She is also very petite and gave us a beautiful spotted ram lamb in 2022. In 2023 she had twin rams, but they were both solid color, one black and one white. She doesn't look spotted, so she may just be a carrier. She is one of our friendliest sheep and loves to get her cheeks and chin scratched whenever possible.


white babydoll southdown

Luna came to the farm pregnant. She delivered a handsome ram lamb all by herself and is an attentive momma. She is a little more afraid than her flockmates, but we're hoping with some time and gentle coaxing, she will learn to trust us. She is NABSSAR and OEBSSR registered.


black babydoll southdown

Bluta came to the farm with Luna. She was also pregnant and delivered a beautiful set of twins. She is very friendly and a great momma. She is registered with NABSSAR and OEBSSR.

    Our Valais Blacknose Sheep


spitti Valais Blacknose sheep

Elodie was born on the farm. She is a recorded F2, which means she is 75% VBN and 25% other. She is a twin but her mother and twin sister have moved on to another farm. Elodie is a spitti, so she is predominantly black (though sun bleached in this picture). She is so loving, goofy and stunning that we had to keep her. She is most definitely a family favorite. She is also our only sheep with horns.


Valais Blacknose Sheep

Holly is a recorded F1 VBN, meaning she is 50% VBN and 50% other. True to the VBN breed, she is very docile and sweet, though a bit more selective with her affection. She is a bouncy clown and really loves to inspect the barn cats. We are hoping that her lambs will have an expanded version of her cute markings.


Valais Blacknose sheep

Kramer is a recorded F3 VBN ram, so he is 87.5% VBN and 12.5% other. I brought him into our breeding program because of his excellent markings, and because he is polled (no horns). He is incredibly friendly and docile. He is similar in temperament to our spotted babydoll ram, Teddy, but more forthright with his desire for pets and scratches. We are hoping he will produce Valais x babydoll lambs with the VBN markings, but minus the horns.

Our Finnsheep



Evie is a rockstar momma. She delivers triplets with ease and is able to raise all of them without any help. She is our friendliest sheep, and that is saying a lot because most of our sheep are friendly. She is the first to greet new visitors, and always loves a nice scratch. She's also the most food motivated sheep on the farm, but you wouldn't know it because Finnsheep are so fine boned.



LuLu is Evie's daughter. She is half babydoll southdown. She is incredibly friendly and will allow us to hug her and scratch her face for as long as we want. Her wool is so soft and dense. She's a great momma, too!

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